Canadian Llama & Alpaca Registry

Microchip Information

All CLAA registered alpacas and llamas must be microchipped or tattoed

Microchips should be implanted just under skin on the right side of the base of the tail (with the animal facing away from you) or at the base of either ear


You may use a 10-digit microchip or a 15-digit microchip

10-digit chips are available through CLRC 1.877.833.7110

15-digit chips are available through the CLAA Calgary office 1.800.717.5262 or use Order Form in sidebar.


How to Microchip

1.. Read the microchip prior to implanting to ensure it is correct

2.. If provided, keep the extra bar code sticker to use on the animalís application for registration

3.. If the microchip is not packaged individually in a sealed package, make sure it is fully sterilized. A non-sterilized microchip could cause a small infection and result in the loss of the microchip

4.. Insert the microchip in your implanter syringe

5.. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol

6.. Implant the microchip just under the skin

7.. Once implanted, check that the microchip number is reading properly

If you chose to implant the microchip at the base of an ear, you must identify the microchipís location on the animalís application for registration