Canadian Llama & Alpaca Registry

DNA Information

Alpacas applying for registration with the CLAA must have a permanent genotype on file and the owner/breeder must provide a parent verification report qualifying both dam and sire by means of DNA procedures and laboratories accepted by the Association.

Llamas applying for registration with the CLAA must provide the DNA case number of the animal's sire. 

The CLAA accepts DNA results obtained with samples of whole blood; blood collection on cards such as ISO-Code and FTA and hair with roots/follicles attached.

Many of the testing labs will only deal with breeders through their respective Associations. The CLAA provides DNA testing through the GenServe Laboratories in Saskatoon, SK, however we will also accept results obtained from the US Alpaca Registry Inc* (ARI) and the International Lama Registry (ILR)

The laboratory in Davis California may deal directly with breeders in providing old DNA results that are not property of ARI. Call 1.800.717.5262 if you require assistance.

*For members providing foreign DNA information, please send a photocopy of the animal's certificate of registration and DNA profile with the CLAA application for registration.