Canadian Llama & Alpaca Registry

Board of Directors

Kelly Brown
Fortune Creek Llamas

Vice President:
Jody Pellerin
Backyard Alpacas
780 814-0872

Carol Van De Bon
Doe Creek Llamas

Carmen Jadick
Prairie Spirit Alpacas

Bev Johnson
Golden Prairie Alpacas

LC Appointed Director:
Kelly Brown
Fortune Creek Llamas

AC Appointed Director:
Bev Johnson
Golden Prairie Alpacas

Governance of Breed Associations

Associations are approved for the principle purpose of operating a breed registry that includes registration of animals, storing of pedigree information and issuance of certificates and other proof of pedigree background.

Besides the operation of a registry, associations also exist to improve and promote their breed(s) and to generally further the common interests of breeders.

They have a responsibility to maintain the integrity of pedigree information.

They also have a responsibility to manage the business affairs of the Association in a reasonably prudent manner. All funds accrued are to be used only for the furtherance of the purposes of the association.

  • By-laws must be made which establish a democratic basis for representing members
  • Breed associations also have the responsibility for the protection of the interests of persons who may purchase animals registered under the authority of the association
  • Rules of membership must be clearly detailed in the by-laws
  • Rules of eligibility for registration and the procedures to be followed in application for registration must also be clearly detailed in the by-laws
  • The by-laws bind all members

Breed associations are expected to operate in a democratic fashion.

  • The will of the majority must be carried out but the minority must also be heard and its rights protected
  • The membership must be well-informed, motivated, dedicated to a common goal and acting with good intent
  • An effective democratic process also requires active participation
  • Breed associations must also be able to function efficiently

Board of Directors of a Breed Association

  • The Board of directors reports to and is directly responsible to the general membership
  • The Board is expected to draft policy which can be considered by the membership
  • The board can appoint people or committees to carry out specific functions
  • The Board is responsible for the prudent management of the finances of the Association
  • The Board carries our specific functions as indicated in the by-laws or otherwise delegated to it by the membership
  • The Board is delegated specific authority by the membership for administration of the affairs of he Association between annual general meeting